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Mac Mac 13.07.2016

Simple Trader plug-in for PTMC

With getting mature in manual trades, most traders are challenging themselves with coding to make their daily routine easier. PTMC is a suitable tool for this purposes thanks to its flexibility. Though there is plenty of features already available in the box, creating your own add-on grants you ability for unlimited extension of your client. A Simple Trader plug-in is here to show how to retrieve info from server by choosing instrument and perform trading operation by coding. Just note, PTMC's API which is used for this plug-in is identical to one in the indicator and trade system building (Pt# Class).

Highlighted steps:

  • Once launched MS Visual Studio, add references in Solution Explorer (browse for additional PTLRuntime.dll and Commons.dll files),
  • To develop this plug-in IExternalComponent interface is used and also its inheritors such as ILinkableComponent, ILocalizableComponent, ITradeComponent.

IExternalComponent is a base interface which contains information about plug-in

ComponentName - Property provides the name of your future component, which would be used in terminal's tools menu.

Content - Property sets control panel of the user interface, which would be displayed in the terminal.

IconImage - Property sets Image for plug-in apart of content.

PanelHeader - Property sets name of the plug-in in tabs of the terminal.

Populate() - Method notifies about finished server connection and ability to use data from cache

ILinkableComponent allows your plug-in to support a linking in the client.

AllowAccountLinking - Property allows linking to the account.

AllowSymbolLinking - Property allows to link to the symbol.

AccountLinking_In() - Method sets linking to account.

SymbolLinking_In() - Method sets linking to symbol.

event AccountLinkingOut - callback on linking out from the account.

event SymbolLinkingOut - callback on linking out from the symbol

ILocalizableComponent performs a language translate logic which would localize plug-in depending on chosen language in PTMC.

Localize() - Method implements controls' text translation according to client language

ITadeComponent extends your add-on by giving a control of the trading operation.

NETSDK PlatformEngine - Property grants a trading usability

Note: You must redefine all interfaces' properties.

Simple Trader in action. Worth to note that Plug-in's updates would take an effect once terminal starts.

Simple trend trader plug-in in action

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